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Chamonix public transport

Chamonix public transport is quite good, with shuttle buses between all the lifts. The railway service is also useful.

Chamonix's ski areas, with our position within them marked
Chamonix’s ski areas, with our position within them marked

Shuttle Buses in Chamonix

Shuttle buses run regularly through Les Praz – catch them either at the stop near the chalet (2 minutes walk, but less frequent) or at the Flegere lift (5-10 minutes walk, more frequent). Our central location in the valley makes it easy to get to Chamonix, Le Tour, Les Grands Montets, Les Houches and various other destinations.

Much improved in recent years, they now run every 10 minutes at busy times. There are also two night buses – check the timetable but normally it’s one at 10pm and one at midnight. More info on routes here.

In winter, there is also a daily bus to Courmayeur, returning in the evening. It’s free for Mont Blanc Unlimited pass holders of 2 days or more. Reservations must be made by 5:00p.m. the day before on +33 (0)450 530 115, or in person at their office by the railway station.


The train is a nice way to get around the valley. It’s free with your carte d’hôte (provided by us) between Servoz and Vallorcine, and stops in Les Praz, around a 5 minute walk from the chalet. It’s very punctual but there can be long gaps between trains so check on www.sbb.ch before you set out, and make sure you know the hours if you plan to return on it. Even if you have a car, it’s often preferable as it allows for flexibility – for instance summer walks.

In terms of skiing, it’s limited as some distances are too much in ski boots. It’s good for Les Grands Montets (5 mins walk so bus can be better) and Vallorcine. Not recommended at all for Les Houches or Le Tour – take the bus, or access Le Tour from Vallorcine.

Evening public transport in Chamonix

Is not brilliant. The last train runs at around 8 pm. In winter, night buses (approximately hourly, 4 euros, not included in pass) are quite a good way to get back from an evening out in Chamonix town centre, and they stop at the end of our lane. The hours are constantly changing so always, always call the tourist office to confirm, if you are thinking of using it. Outside high season you have to book it before 3 pm the day before.
It is also pleasant to walk back to the chalet if the weather is good. At night we recommend you only walk along the very quiet and well-lit road beside the railway (Chemin des Cristalliers).


Taxis are ridiculously expensive in Chamonix (30 euros to go the 2 km from Chamonix to the chalet!) There is no Uber or Lyft yet. Service can be patchy – it’s best to book in advance, and 24 hr service is not always available. A list of numbers here. Goprime are generally reliable.


Bikes are a great way to get around, as the valley floor is almost flat in the central area around us. Bikes can be readily hired in many places locally. In winter you can hire fatbikes and we are right on the trails.


It’s very nice to walk  between the chalet and Chamonix, it’s almost level and there are lots of lovely paths. Just keep heading towards Mont Blanc, stay on the level, and you’ll be in Chamonix in 20-25 minutes. It’s 2km from us to the Place du Mont-Blanc market square in Chamonix.