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Airport transfers

There are many, many transfer companies who can take you to the door of the chalet, either privately or in a shared vehicle, for a very reasonable price.

These do occasionally get a bad press – people are understandably very vocal when something goes wrong. However, they usually provide a very good service at a very good price, when you consider you are being taken door to door for 100 km.

Transfer Tips

• Book your place as soon as possible.
My experience with these has been that they are not always great for last-minute stuff and it’s best to book well in advance. Never rely on turning up and just getting on one. In theory it’s possible but you are risking a very long wait or possibly no availability at all.

• Speak to someone on the phone or check via email to confirm.
Don’t rely on an automated email from a reservation website.

• Keep the confirmation email or text
You should also get the mobile number of the driver via text the day before your transfer. If you don’t get a text, contact the booking office.

• Payment options
It may seem attractive to pay them at the airport – some of them do offer this. But remember that paying in advance means that they will definitely turn up to collect you, and it’s what I would always recommend.

• It’s good to have a plan B
If you like to be doubly safe, take a list of several numbers, and check the times of the next bus or train in case of any problems. In practice, if you miss your transfer due to delays, they will just get you onto a later one. They all have help desks at the airport.  Mountain Dropoffs have a policy of never leaving anyone no matter how late the flight is, so I often use them if it’s a late arrival.

• Don’t worry too much!
The transfer companies move thousands of people a day with no problems at all. I have used them for a decade and it is really extremely rare for something to go wrong. It’s just good to plan ahead.

A quick search on Google will find plenty – here is a selection that I have used myself and never had any problems with:

Mountain Drop-offs –  recommended and often run when the others don’t

Cham-Van – recommended, friendly and efficient, and carbon offset their diesel.

Chamonix Valley Transfers will contact a selection of registered transfer companies to get you the best deal, and also have some of their own. I have often used them and always been very happy.

Haute Transfers are a bit more upmarket – more expensive, but plusher vehicles, free refreshments and don’t charge for making changes to a booking. Also offer transfers to Courmayeur and Verbier for a day. Recommended if you are happy to pay a bit more to get a bit more. They also offer in-valley transfers which can be very useful and even a full concierge service for the week.

N.B. We advise against using Alpybus. They have very large vans that can’t go under the bridge near the chalet, and they will not take the short detour to go around it. This means they don’t come to our door, dropping you at the main road or insisting you walk to it (100m) with your luggage for pickup. We recommend choosing one of the above companies instead, who will drop you right at the chalet.