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Paragliding in Chamonix

Paragliding is among the most spectacular ways to see the valley, accessible to almost anyone.

Chsamonix paragliding in front of mont blanc

In front of Mont Blanc © Sean Potts, Fly-Chamonix.com

Chamonix is one of the world’s top places for paragliding, with its incredible scenery and big, reliable thermals.Take a tandem flight with an experienced pilot for the wonderful feeling of floating and swooping above the spectacular landscape . It’s one of the most amazing experiences the valley has to offer, I think – truly breathtaking.

Above the clouds © Sean Potts, Fly-Chamonix.com

Above the clouds © Sean Potts, Fly-Chamonix.com

The sails of paragliders (the French is ‘parapente’) are a colourful feature of the sky on still days in Chamonix. From the chalet garden, you can sometimes see up to thirty at once, circling above the valley on thermals, and whirling around as they descend.

Paragliding in Chamonix for two

Chamonix tandem parapenting for two, © Sean Potts, Fly-Chamonix.com

All photos used by kind courtesy of Sean Potts of Fly Chamonix – a friendly and experienced Anglo-French company focused purely on parapenting.

The landing site itself is also only fifteen minutes walk away – you should be able to spot the chalet easily on your descent. If you really enjoy it, you can take a course and be going solo in around five days…


Paragliding in Chamonix is also possible in winter. It’s a great way for non-skiers to enjoy the mountain, or for a skier’s day off.