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The Sauna is wood burning.
Check that the drawer below the glass fire door is pulled out so that the fire can draw properly.
Put kindling and two or three logs in the stove, and light as you would a normal fire, then close the stove door.
Make sure the fire is going properly, leave the drawer open a centimetre or two so the fire can draw, leave the sauna and close the sauna door.

It takes about 20 minutes for the sauna stones to heat…then you are ready to go.

While you sauna:
Take the bucket full of water (or use snow) and the ladle. Ladling the water over the hot stones will increase the temperature – there is a thermometer on the wall. Be careful of the stove as it gets extremely hot

Who should sauna: You should not sauna if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure – if you have any doubt please check with your doctor. If you feel faint or ill, leave the sauna immediately, and consult a doctor if the feeling persists. Also, you should avoid alcohol during or around your time in the sauna.