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La Petite Foret

Access and Parking


Our private parking can accommodate two cars. If you need more room than this please let us know so we can recommend accordingly. The normal access goes under a low bridge (2.4m height limit) so let us know if you are in a high vehicle so we can send alternative directions.

Winter access

Winter equipment for cars is obligatory in the Haute Savoie. In some winters we have a lot of snow and you may well need it. In general, if you don’t have winter tyres I recommend snow socks rather chains, as you don’t usually need them for long. If you have chains, I recommend testing them before you arrive, as trying to get them on for the first time in the freezing cold is not fun!
Normally the main roads are cleared quickly, and our short, flat lane is also normally cleared at the same time. However as it has almost no traffic, it remains white for most of the winter, and you may need chains or socks for this last 200m if there has been very heavy snow.

Here’s a typical view of the end of the lane, the driveway and entrance to the parking in winter. This is for reference only, of course things can change a lot! But it gives you an idea of the terrain.

Driveway and parking in winter

So keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly. If you are here in a period of very heavy snow, you can sometimes need them even on the motorway. Route conditions and webcams here.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Unfortunately we can’t offer EV charging at the chalet. We hope to get a proper charging point installed in the future but at present it’s not possible, even via an extension lead — our insurers have specifically forbidden it. 

There are charging points available in Chamonix so the easiest way is to leave it charging on one of these overnight, while you are out during the day, or at dinner. Charging is free at these point and you pay 50% of the normal parking fee.


Additionally there are several in Sallanches, including a Tesla Supercharger so it can be convenient to leave your car charging there while you do a big shop.