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COVID cancellation policy – La Petite Forêt

About our COVID-19 cancellation policy. Our cancellation policy in full is here. 

What if COVID or related regulations prevent my holiday?
If the chalet is not accessible due to lockdown regulations which force us to close the chalet to guests, we will offer you a refund and the option to reserve dates of your choice in the future.

However we don’t refund if cancellation is due to you or one of your party becoming ill or being unable to travel, or due to changing travel regulations in the country you are arriving from, or France denying entry.

Why not?
Travel from other countries does represent something of a risk to us, just as it does to you  – but you as a guest can insure against that risk, as we cannot. Larger places like hotels and apartment complexes are likely be able to fill rooms with guests from other countries, so can provide more flexibility in their cancellation. We have just one little chalet, and it’s not feasible for us.


To note: So far, we have always been able to re-let dates, and thus to refund the original bookers. But of course we can’t guarantee this.


What if the lifts aren’t running? 

Last year we refunded guests where requested due to the lifts closing. It was a very unexpected event and we felt it was the right thing to do. 

However, this year we feel that it’s now a known possibility (though I really, really hope not) and we don’t feel comfortable running the risk of late cancellation if the lifts aren’t running.

Our reasoning:

Last season was actually a big success – much better than I think anyone expected. Teaching classes were running at the Savoy slope up to Ourson level (the draglift was open for lessons only), cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, touring, winter walks, sledging, fatbiking, huskies…it was actually a lovely season despite the lack of lifts.
Page here of what was available, in French for obvious reasons 😉 but the pics will tell you all you need to know.

We completely understand of course that many people don’t want to come if the lifts aren’t open. But from our point of view, it’s too much risk to hold dates for people and then potentially have a late cancellation, perhaps too late to fill it.

Part of what makes La Petite Forêt so special is that it’s nice enough that you can have a great winter holiday without the lifts…it’s a big reason why we did so well last winter. A lot of people chose here for that exact reason. So for us, this season, to book early, you would need to be happy with or without the lifts.
Chamonix is one of the places best equipped for this situation because there are quite a lot of other things to do  (being in Tignes, for instance, without lifts, would be quite a different prospect) so it was busy last year…not noticeably any less busy than usual.

We do understand that this will be a concern for many people who are crossing a border to get here, but we were fully booked last season with no lifts and everyone had a great time.

We do think a lot of people will book later, waiting for a bit more clarity. Which is totally understandable, and of course you may well prefer to do that! And who knows, we may still be available, so keep in touch 🙂