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Hot Tub

How to use the hot tub:

• Shower before every time you go in and rinse feet before entering. Sun cream particularly can stop the filter from working properly. Hygiene is very important due to the warm temperature.

• The lid is very very expensive so please be careful with it, never force it.

•  There are plastic glasses in the kitchen for the hot tub – please don’t take glass in.

• Before you get in, check that all clips are undone, both front and rear.

• Fold the lid halfway back

• Rinse your feet

• Get in and push the folded back lid carefully away from you, onto the rollers. Can’t push it back? Are the clips undone behind?

• The tub remains at a steady 39/40 degrees. You will see a pyramid shaped stud on the control panel. This marks the button for bubbles.  When you are sitting in the tub, you can feel for this stud and press the button behind it. Each press will give you 20 minutes of bubbles. Press again to stop them. There may still be some bubbles due to water filtration.

• There’s also a button for a light at night (marked with a bulb). Please don’t touch the other controls 🙂
• Enjoy!
• Last one out closes the lid. The ‘skirt’ of the lid can catch on the rollers so this is easier to do when you have got out.

• It is very important to keep the lid closed with all straps clicked shut when not using it.
•  Shower afterwards to remove chlorine.

Please remember it’s not a play pool for kids!!

Safety features, heating, filtering and pumping mechanisms are not designed for it to be left open for hours while children run in and out. This causes major problems and malfunctions including affecting the hygiene.

Children under five should not use the hot tub at all.
Under 18s must be supervised in the tub at all times as things can get out of hand really quickly with excitement, damage to the tub or lid and serious accidents can happen, especially due to kids forgetting the shapes of seats below.

Running in and out will track bacteria into the tub which can be very dangerous.

I am sorry to seem like the fun police but it’s really important.
For swimming I recommend Chamonix pool, Lac Passy or Combloux – details here.