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Lac Emosson in November

Lac Emosson in November

In search of dinosaurs…

I’ve always been a bit put off by Lac Emosson’s massive concrete barrage, but once you’re up there, you don’t see that much of it, and the lovely turquoise lake is in a spectacular setting. You can either drive up to the lake or take the funicular – reportedly the world’s steepest with a section at an astonishing 87 degrees.

The drive is pretty spectacular in itself and this is definitely one of the most amazing views of the Mont Blanc Massif that you can view without using a cable car. The big attraction here are the dinosaur footprints, which we didn’t see as we took a different path and alas it was dark by the time we got back to the lake.
This would make a great family day out as there are walks for absolutely any level, including a long stretch which is tarmac and would be ideal for pushchairs (nb there is a long, dimly lit tunnel of around 800m to access this)

In summer, the lake has several points you can swim from – you can see why it’s locally known as Emosson Beach…an almost mediterranean look.
Now, with the streams surrounding the lake frozen solid, it’s less tempting.

There’s still splashes of colour in the rosehips and flowers – these meadows must be spectacular in July.

As we left, dusk was falling, and I rested the camera on the car to steady it with rather nice results

We’ll return in the spring – to see the dinosaur footprints this time!