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Pre-release booking

Page mothballed until next year – dates are now on main booking page, thanks!

Hi! Thanks for thinking about us again for this winter 🙂 These dates will be made publicly available on Wednesday. I’m happy to option dates for a bit, just let me know.

We’ve given weekly and four night prices where available for ease of estimating.  

Christmas, New Year,  Half Term and  Easter are 7 night minimum, otherwise four night minimum 
If you want a different number of nights just let us know! We actively prefer the less usual numbers of nights 🙂
Please note that we cannot offer Saturday changeovers.
Hoping to see you again this winter at La Petite Foret 🙂

For all general information, dogs, family equipment etc, please see the main booking page.
For any questions or to book, please contact us.
We hope to see you in the winter!

Early December, up to the 20th

€840 for 4 nights, extra nights €160 per night

€1320 for 7 nights

12-15th December booked

Christmas – Wednesday 20th December 2023 to Wednesday 27th December 2023
€2750 for 7 nights. 

New Year – Friday 29 December 2022 to Friday 5th January 2024
€2750 for 7 nights. 

5th – 26th January 2024

€1220 for 4 nights,  extra nights €250 per night

€1800 for 7 nights

26th January to 3rd March 2024 (7 night minimum, please note we are unable to offer Saturday changeovers)

€2460 for 7 nights

Sunday 11-18 Feb booked

3rd March – 14th April 2024 

€1240 for 4 nights,  extra nights €270 per night

€1920 for  7 nights.

Easter 7 night minimum

14th April – 5th May 2024

€920 for 4 nights,  extra nights €200 per night

€1460 for 7 nights